Monday, June 21, 2010

They always say- evey dog has its day

And this time it was my day. I'm not calling myself a dog- but by gosh I'm glad I finally got my chance. My dad always told me- "Sometimes you are the windshield, and sometimes you are the bug". For the last couple of years, I've felt like I was the bug. Getting splattered everywhere I turned. I couldn't catch a break to save my life. It seemed that everytime I got one step ahead- I would be pushed back 3 steps. 3 big steps. Whether it was physically or emotionally. At home or at school. Money or relationships, I never felt like I was getting anywhere. But for once, in a very long time, I feel accomplished. And that's a fantastic feeling.
I am finally doing what I love to do. And I ♥ respiratory. It truly is my passion. I could spend hours learning about new things, then turning around and sharing that knowledge with others. And guess what? That's what I get to do. I am going to be spending my days giving my patients the best customer service I know how to. I am going to make sure that by the end of our time together, my patients know all about their machines or oxygen. I refuse to have my patients go home and feel like they have no idea what's going on. I could only imagine how scary that is. And all too often it is happening. But with the help of my oh so awesome bosses, we are going to change the game. We are going to be the change we want to see in the world .

God has been so awesome to my family in the last 2 years of me being in school. I'm not sure many of you understand how tough it got. I didn't work (except for temporarily over the summer). I went to school full time, and then when I got home, I studied. I felt like I never saw my family. Travis and I went through some hard times financially and relationship wise, but we never gave up hope. We never stopped believing that the good was going to come. All we had to do was be patient and work hard for it. And we did. We were patient. We prayed....a lot. We cryed. And yelled. We broke up. And got back together. We doubted. But finally...yes finally. We made it. I got a great job. We don't have to struggle as hard as before. We can now finally enjoy our blessings. Give to our babies. We made it. Yes, God we made it.

I'm so glad it was this old dogs turn for the sun to shine, I'm not sure how much more rain I was going to be able to take.

Faithfully Ever After- Kelly

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To my darling husband- Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. The one day a year that we make it a point to say to the father figures in our lives, "Happy Father's Day". But ya know what? Every day in my house should be like Father's Day. Because my children have the best father in the world. And I am blessed to be married to their father. Travis is the most amazing person I know. He is funny. Smart. Caring. Loving. He's a great cook. And a great cuddler. He took Micah and I in when he didn't have too. He has always worked hard to give his family the best and I know he'll continue to do so until he can't anymore. And I need to always remember to tell him "thank you" for everything that he does. There are so many children in this world that don't have a father figure. There are so many women in this world who have to be both parents. And I am so blessed that I don't have to do it all alone and that my children have a hero they can look up to.

Thank you God for blessing me with Travis. Thank for blessing my children with the most amazing Daddy. I am so glad that he's in my life, I wouldn't know what to do without him. He's truly my hero. Thanks Travis for being amazing.

Faithfully Ever After- Kelly