Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peace in the Middle of Chaos

So I was driving home from work Wednesday- looking for my favorite radio station K-Love. It's a great listener supported Christian radio station that I have just fallen in love with. They play the best music, and the DJs are great too! Any-who, the tower for K-Love is in Lexington which means that the reception in Louisville is horrible- very full of static and hard to understand anything. And sometimes, I would hear another radio station that's signal was stronger then K-Loves. Finally- the closer to home I got, the better the signal was, and I got to finally hear my fabulous K-Love!

As I was driving- listening to the static- and the random stations that would drift in and out, I got to thinking. How much like life that really was. We have static. We have conflicting messages coming in and out of our lives. Do this and don't do that. Eat this- don't eat that. It seems that the more we hear- the more like static our lives become. And we become blind to it. We just tune out and stop listening. Until- finally, through that static comes a loud voice. Strong. Calm. Soothing. Jesus. He comes and speaks to us. Calms the static in our lives. The peace in the middle of chaos. He keeps us still, when we want to be running free. He keeps us sane- when we want to be crazy. It is so comforting to know that when we need someone to talk to, that He's there with no questions or any judgements. He's the one we can turn over all of our worries to- and know that our needs will be taken care of. He is the "Great I am" and He's awesome.

"Thank you God for being that calm in our lives. Thank you for speaking to us through all of the static. And making your voice loud and clear. Keep speaking to us when even when we don't want to listen. You are so amazing!"

Faithfully Ever After- Kelly


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