Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pink, Sparkly Fingernails

So last night, after making-eating-and cleaning up dinner with my 2 kiddos- Micah and Caleb (5 and 2 respectively), I decided, why not paint Micah's nails? She is very much a girly girl. Pink room. Hannah Montana. Jewelry. Dresses. She is me- in mini form. While I don't mind a romp in the mud (just don't get it in my hair!), I really love all things girl. Pink is my favorite color. I love getting my nails done. I count down the days until my next hair appointment.  Makeup makes me feel complete- and it seems that I have passed that down to my princess, which just excites me to no end. Now I have someone to shop with- and go and get pedicures with. Someone to buy jewelry for and oooh and ahh over purses with. Ahhh- I've been so blessed. So truly blessed, because I have this amazing little girly girl . Painting her nails last night made me realize how truly lucky I am- that I have someone I can share so much with. Pink. Sparkly. Just like Mommy's. She just beamed from ear to ear after I got done. And hugged my neck "Thanks Mommy".
Just like Mommy. Just like Daddy. Just like Grandma or Grandpa. I pray that we all take a good, hard look at ourselves. Take a long look in the mirror. Are you the person you want your child to grow up and be like? If your child says- I want to be just like you, do you cringe or are you happy? Would you like for them to mimic your actions and words? Or would you be ashamed if they spoke and act like you? Are you modeling behavior that is Christ-like?

This is a big challenge for me at times. I find myself saying things that I would be horrified if my children repeated. I find myself getting angry at the people in front of me in traffic, when I could just be calm and patient. I find myself yelling when I get frustrated. That's a big one. It took a lot of soul searching and praying to realize- that the reason why my children yell so much at me- is because I do a lot of yelling! I'm telling you- God has truly smacked me over the head in the last few weeks about my behavior in front of my children. I'm not a bad parent- there are just a lot of things that I need to work on. Such as- be more involved in my church. Stop talking the talk- and actually walking the walk. Staying calm- when under pressure. Praying more- in front of my children. Reading my Bible more. Saying kinder words to people. Giving back more to my community. My children are going to do what I do- not as I say (well sometimes, they'll pick that up too!) and I want them to be productive, God fearing/loving members of society- but first I need to be that person.

Just like my Daddy- God the Father- so that I can be proud when my children say- Just like my Mommy.

Faithfully Ever After- Kelly


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