Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 4- What I imagine paradise to be like

Sorry I haven't been around since Tuesday. Wednesday was the first day at my new job @ the local hospital. Thursday I had to work my first job in Jeffersonville, Indiana. And now today- here I am. A couple of days behind- but back at it! I didn't forget! As long as I come back- that's all that matters huh? This weekend may be hard for me to keep up- I work 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday starting @ 6:30am- so I may just come home-eat-and crash!

So on to the topic at hand....

What I imagine paradise to be like:

I imagine that paradise is pain-free. Relaxing. Stress free. There is no work. There is no illnesses. There is no anger. Hurt. Bad feelings. Or debt. There are no bills to pay...and no worries [cue Hakuna Matata song from Lion King]. You can eat anything you want [and never get full or a stomach ache]. You can see all the people you would want to see. I would imagine that you could do anything that you would want to do [within reason]. Life would just be perfect [much like the Garden of Eden]. You may even be able to be naked if you so chose!

Well- I am off for now. I am at my in-laws house for dinner- and had some down time. Now I have to work on my take home work project- and rest a little bit before my loooooong day tomorrow!

Faithfully Ever After- Kelly


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