Sunday, January 2, 2011

Restless Mind

I have a super restless mind today. It is running all over the place. To and fro. I have thought about everything. And when I say everything [I mean it].

So far today- [and it's a little after 11am] my mind has contemplated:

  • my cleaning schedule that I haven't tackled it yet
  • why is it so cold in my house?
  • why does my husband complain so much when it's cold [put on a jacket!]
  • why my 2 year old is so incredibly loud?
  • why are we tickalish?
  • ^ did I just spell tickalish right?
  • why is puppy Jack so needy?

[this puppy right here]

  • why did I get a new puppy?
  • how much sleep am I going to miss when I start my second job?
  • shopped for Micah's new bedroom furniture [I love Pottery Barn Kids]
  • shopped for furniture for my living room
  • mentally re-painted my living room again
  • oh- and thought of something to blog [day 3 of 3]
I wish my mind wasn't running 100 miles a minute today. I actually wanted to relax [one of my goals for the new year].

Well day 2 of the new year has been great so far [as long as my mind slows down for just a second :)]

Faithfully Ever After- Kelly


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