Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Again I sit here with my mind restless- running full of ideas and thoughts [that's status quot for me] and my heart heavy.

Travis' Uncle Tom has gone to be with Jesus after years of battling various illnesses. He passed away 6:29pm 01/03/2011 surrounded by family at his home.

When I first moved to Shelbyville from Indianapolis in 2005- Brenda [Travis' aunt] and Tom were some of the first people I met. And they both [instantly] fell in love with Micah [much like people do]. They treated her as if, maybe better, then they treated their own family. Micah and Tom used to ride around on his power chair and eat lots of honey buns. They would go "fishing" in the creek and play outside. She was his "baby girl". And now- he's at home with sweet Jesus.

This pains me. Not just for me. Or Travis. Or Tom's family. But for Micah. This is one funeral that is going to be extremely hard for me, because of her. She's 6 now- so death is more of a reality for her. This is one death that will actually be close to her and may just break her heart.  And I'm not sure my heart can handle her tears this time around.

Well that brings me to the topic at hand. Heaven. Paradise. Where we are promised if we live a life that is good and pure- and we put our full trust/heart/soul in God. Heaven was the last thing on my mind- until last night. And now I can't get my mind off of it.

Country singer Buddy Jewell had a song years ago- called "Help Pour Out the Rain (Lacey's Song)". The song is about a girl playing 20 questions with her father during a car ride- and the questions turned to Heaven.

She said: "Daddy, when we get to Heaven, can I taste the Milky Way?

"Are we goin' there to visit, or are we goin' there to stay?

"Am I gonna see my Grandpa? Can I have a pair of wings?

"An' do you think that God could use another Angel,

"To help pour out the rain?"

And much like the child in this song- I have so many questions. Questions that I wish were answered. What is it like? Who's there? Do we know we're there when we get there? Do we get to be with Jesus all day? Or our loved ones?
But I know they be answered can't until I get there.

So for now- I am going to hang my hat on the thought- that as long as I keep God in my heart. I keep doing His work. I keep my kids on the right path. I continue to proclaim that Jesus is Lord. And keep God first- then I will make it to that place.

Were I get to meet Jesus face to face, bask in His glory- maybe get a cool pair of angel wings and help pour out the rain.

Rest in peace with Sweet Jesus, Uncle Tom. We love you and miss you so much already. Keep an eye on your "baby girl", and always know how much she loved you. Can't wait to see you soon.

Faithfully Ever After- Kelly


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