Friday, January 7, 2011

Funeral Questions

I just realized- at this very moment- that a lot of the things I experience, I can usually sum up with a song. I guess maybe my life should have been a musical? That'd be fun, but I'm not sure I could handle all the hair/makeup/wardrobe that I'm sure would come with that. Hehe.

Back to the original topic-

So yesterday [cue Beatles] was the day that our family said our final good-bye to Uncle Tom. But let me tell you, I wasn't ready. I know- who is ever really ready to say good-bye to someone they love? Yesterday was hard. Very hard. But Micah [my 6 year old] made the day a little brighter.

You see, she is a very bright, but inquisitive girl who needs to know all the details about things. So throughout the funeral she asked me a lot of questions- and of course, as her mother, I tried to answer them the best I could.

Micah: "Mom- does Uncle Tom have shoes on?"
Me: "Yes he does honey."
Micah: "And socks?"
Me: "Yes"
Micah: "Clean ones?!?"
Me: "Of course baby, he wouldn't wear dirty ones would he?"

Micah: "How did they get him in there [ie casket]?"
Me: "I have no idea"
Micah: "I'm sure they picked him up Mommy."
[good point huh?]

The last one [and my personal favorite]...
Micah: "How'd they get Uncle Tom to stand up to put his clothes on?"
Me: "They didn't"
Micah: "Well how'd they get the clothes on then?"
Me: [thinking quickly] "You know how we lay babies who don't know how to stand on the couch and put their clothes on? Well that's how they did him." [good thinking Kelly]
Micah: "Oh, okay Mommy."

That girl can even make a funeral not so hard. I love her. Questions and all.

Faithfully Ever After- Kelly



oh how sweet. Leave it to our children (the ones we worry about funurals and death hurtng the most) to make our journey a little easier. I hope you all are on a healing path. Blessings.

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